Melanie Moyer is a debut author and veteran ghostwriter. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh where she studied Creative Writing, Religious Studies, Folklore, and Russian History. She regularly co-hosts a horror pop culture podcast called Splatter Chatter with a friend, serves as a guest on the animation podcast Overly Animated, and regularly contributes pop culture pieces to Just About Write. She's currently working on her next project, refining her amateur pizzaiolo skills, and wondering if it's too late to pursue her childhood dream of being an Egyptologist.
Jeffrey Easley is a writer, publisher, and lawyer. He is also an outdoor and travel enthusiast who brings an intriguing perspective to his writing; melding experiences with various cultures and law into imaginative novels and short stories. Jeff's latest novel, "Illusion of Splendor," is an epic, sophisticated, but rather genre-challenged international thriller - the story of an African fisherman recruited by British intelligence to infiltrate a terrorist cell planning an attack in Europe. His next novel is a comedy about two people on run from gangsters in Australia. Stay tuned!

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